Version 2.3.10

This is our biggest update yet!
- You can now collaborate with your friends or colleagues right there on a space. Comment any note, task or document, start a discussion in a common chat.
- It’s now much easier to share your spaces. People you share spaces with don’t even have to register to view them.
- iPhone version has been improved and enhanced to offer almost the same experience as on iPad.
- Seamless cross-screen experience. Use the web version to create spaces, iPad for updates and review, iPhone for communication on your spaces.
- Tasks can now be assigned with due dates.
- Lots and lots of other improvements.

We hope you enjoy this new version of Infolio! If you have any questions or suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to write us at or use the feedback form in the app. And please leave a review or us on the App Store if you like Infolio!

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