How to add documents from cloud services and what are supported services?

Documents can be added from cloud services that are located under Content button in content browser. Currently Infolio Web version supports following cloud services – Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, WebDAV, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. You may add unlimited number of cloud services, including services of one kind.

To connect above mentioned services, you need to authentification with your credentials and allow Infolio to access service’s content. Once service is connected navigation is straight forward, you can browse those services just as you would browse your original storages, once you find necessary document or whole folder, just drag and drop it to the space. If original files or folders are amended in some way, those changes will be automatically synchronized with Infolio. However, if files that have been added to Infolio from cloud services get amended on Infolio, those changes will not be applied to original files stored in cloud services, thus it is a one way synchronization.

Please note when you are adding a document or folder to a shared space you will be notified that you are adding document to a shared space, which contains documents from your personal cloud services. To access those documents by your team, you need to share them using public url.

Once file is added to space you can open it by double clicking on it, from there you can download, comment and rename the file. If you wish to see file options please right click on it, general options include – open, download and delete. Infolio supports all major MS Office file types.

To disconnect service right click on the service and choose "Unlink".

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