How to set a task and what are its features?

To add a new task, please locate Tasks button in content browser. It is also possible to add a task by right clicking on the space. Once task container has been created you can add text to that task, assign it to a responsible person inside the team, set due date for that task and add relevant information if applicable.

To activate task’s edit mode, please double click on the task, from there you can also add comment for other to see and delete task. If you wish to move task container to a different location, please click/hold container and move to desired place on the space.  If you wish to resize task container, there is a little grey triangle in the lower right corner of the container, just drag it to desired size and shape.

To add a new task to the container you can click on the “+” sign on the upper right corner of the container or drag that task in from another tasks container. Each task’s container has following options available – rename, highlight, show open and delete, to activate those options please click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the container or right click on the container header. Note, tasks can be dragged out from their containers, creating new tasks lists, likewise they can be returned back or merged. 

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