How to share a space?

In order to share space please right click on the space name while one the main screen and choose “Share” or move mouse over the right side of the space name row and clicking on “Invite People”. In the “Invite People to Space” screen please input person’s e-mail with whom you wish to share space.  After inputting users e-mail please make sure to grant respective rights for user to access space, currently there are three access level types: read only, can edit and can share rights. The difference between can edit and full access rights is that under full access rights user can re-share that space, while can edit does not grant such option. Please note if person with whom space has been shared deletes the workspace from his/her account, it will not be deleted from your workspace list. As a workspace owner you can change access rights at any time.

Note, if workspace contains data from Google Drive or Dropbox, during sharing process application will ask you if you agree to those files being shared to whoever you are sharing that workspace with, if not, workspace will not be shared.

Space can be shared while working with it as well. You will find “Invite People” button on the upper right corner of the space, once space has been shared “Invite People ” button will turn into a “+” button. Also when you are working with the task lists and assigning task to new users, you will be redirected to “Invite People to Space” screen, same applies to collaboration screen if space is new to activate chat and activity streams you will first need to invite people to space.

When space has been shared you will see a symbol next to the space name on the main screen, depending on the permission level symbol will vary. Also on the right side from the space name you will see collaboration team initials.  Once inside the space you will see initials of other team members on the upper right corner. 

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