How to navigate the main screen when your first time login into the Infolio?

Once you enter Infolio you are brought to the main screen, in the center of that screen you will see a list of spaces, initially those will be demo spaces, but later you will have your own spaces and folders there. On the upper left corner you will find Infolio logo that comes in handy when you need to return to the main screen and red “Create Space” button used to create a blank or template space. Once you create folders, you will find folder tree under “Create Space” button for quicker navigation between folders. On the lower left corner you will find your current subscription plan and amount of GB used per subscription. From there you can get to the upgrade screen if necessary. On the upper right corner search button is located, allowing you to search for the space name on the main screen and inside the folders. Just on the right from search window you will find your profile button allowing you to access your subscription plan, settings, notifications and help screen as well as log out button. 

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