How to navigate built in web browser and what are its options?

There is an inbuilt browser in Infolio for user convenience. While browsing the web via inbuilt Infolio browser it is possible to add documents, pictures, text as well as web links to space. On the upper right corner by tapping on "three dots" it is possible to access several browser options: add web page to space, open web page in Safari, clear saved data as well as open in full screen. To add text, please highlight it and drag onto the space, note will be created for you with a reference so that link is never lost, this note can be further edited or shared just like any other note on the Infolio. To add a picture just drag and drop it onto the space. To add a document to space or to create a bookmark, please tap on "three dots" on the upper right corner and choose "Add to Space" or click on "Add to Space" button on the lower right corner.

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