How to add annotations to PDF files?

Infolio offers ability to add annotations to PDFs. As an engine for annotations we use or own PDF Cabinet document management app that is built in into Infolio app. In order to start annotating a document please open a PDF and tap/hold the document, you will see annotation tool appearing under your finger/stylus, from there you can choose different options. Another way to activate the annotation tools is to open document, tap on it once, that will activate upper toolbar and from there choose “Annotate” on the upper left corner.  In that toolbar you can also find an option to collaborate on a single document, bookmark page and access features like fit to screen, lock zoom and crop pages. If you wish to access content please swipe from left to right. In contents you may search for a relevant page, view all pages, just annotated or bookmarked ones.

Please note, when you are sharing a space with annotated documents you must enable annotations in “Invite to Space” screen, otherwise others will not be able to see annotations.

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