How to add an instant picture?

To take a photo directly from Infolio, please tap on or drag and drop "Take a photo" button. Once photo has been taken you may add it to space or retake it if necessary. After photo has been added to space you can move it to a different location, please tap/hold photo and move to desired place on the space. If you wish to resize photo, there is a resize button located in the upper right toolbar, once you activate resize mode all objects on space will be highlighted, to resize tap and drag red triangle at the lower right corner of the object and resize, once you are finished resizing, please tap an the check mark on the upper right corner.

To open a photo or view its options tap on it once, from there you can open a photo, add comments to it, send that particular photo via e-mail or delete it.  On top of that once photo is already opened, it is also possible to edit its title besides e-mailing it, adding comment to it or deleting it.

Pictures can be placed in containers creating a sort of an albums or boards, to do that drag one picture over another. If photos are in container you do not need to open and close each photo to view it, you can simply slide left and right to view those photos.  Just like a single picture, containers can also be moved and resized if necessary. Picture’s container has following options - rename, highlight, resize, sort/view or remove, to activate those options please tap on the three dots on the upper right corner of the container. Currently pictures can be viewed in a list or grid view and sorted by name, date or in a custom manner by dragging on picture over another. It is also possible to move pictures in and out of the container if necessary, just tap/hold and drag that picture to a desired location.

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