How to add a label and what is it?

Labels have been added for your convenience to structure the data on the space in a more organized manner, while populating a space you might add a lot of information to that space creating different informational islands, thus for your convenience and for others to understand space better we have given this option to name those islands with labels.

To add a Label, please tap on or drag and drop "Organize Content with labels" button. Once label has been created you can add title to it. To edit or delete a label please tap on it once. If you wish to move label to a different location, please tap/hold label and move to desired place on the space. If you wish to resize label, there is a resize button located in the upper right toolbar, once you activate resize mode all objects on space will be highlighted, to resize tap and drag red triangle at the lower right corner of the object and resize, once you are finished resizing, please tap an the check mark on the upper right corner.

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