To add a task to the space please tap on “+” in the lower right corner, it will activate a content browser from there you can add a task. Once you add a task it immediately opens in edit mode, there you can add title, additional information, assign this task to someone and set due date, once done editing please tap “Done” or “Cancel” if you wish to delete newly added task. After adding task it appears first on the space and is placed in container. In order to open tasks container please tap on its title, inside you will find all tasks listed on the left side column, you may add new task by tapping on a “+” in lower part of the same column. If you wish to rename or delete container tap on “Edit” button once you are inside the container. While browsing through tasks you will find comments section as well as delete buttons in upper right corner of each task. In the right hand side column you will find task details and can edit those if necessary. Tasks can be dragged in and out of the space at the necessity.

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