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How to share projects?
How to share projects?

Sharing projects

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Projects currently can be shared only in Infolio web version. If you wish to share a project with your team mates, please first make sure you have invited those teammates to your Infolio team. In order to invite teammates to your team please click on Your Team name button in the left column, then go to Members section and click on “Invite new team member”. As a shortcut you can also click on “Invite member” right below the Your Team button. You can start sharing projects even while request to invited team member is still pending. 

In order to share project please click on Your Team button, choose Projects and you will be taken to all your projects, please click on Change button under needed project to set it as private, available to everyone or selected team members. Another way to share a project is by moving mouse over the project name on the left hand column and clicking on three dots to the right of the project's name then choosing Edit. 

Note, when sharing project to specific team members you will be choosing option “Selected members”, all members will appear and you have to tick the ones you wish to share access with. If needed member does not appear as choice that means he or she has not been invited to the team yet. Also please note that only owner of the project can change sharing preferences and invite members to the project.

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