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How to manage e-mail notification settings?
How to manage e-mail notification settings?

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Infolio notification settings can be managed in web version only. Once you login please go to your profile management, it is located in the lower left corner under your credentials.  Once you click on your credentials you will notice “Notifications” button, in there you will be able to set both e-mail and mobile push notification settings.

There are four types of notification settings you can manage:

  • Daily digest for your tasks - Once a day we will inform you about the updates that happened to the tasks you are watching.

  • New mentions in chat or comments - We will notify you when you are mentioned, grouping multiple messages into single email.

  • Daily overdue reminder - Once a day we will remind you about all your tasks that are overdue or soon will be.

  • Task assigned to you - We will notify you whenever someone assigns a task to you.

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